She’s Lived it! She’s Researched it!

And She’s Ready to SHARE IT!

Working with Anna

Once you engage Anna, she is 100% on your team. She works with you at every step to positively guarantee your attendees have an experience that makes the whole conference work. Anna starts with three key questions:

Dynamic, Fun, Relevant and Insightfully Actionable

Anna has a unique understanding of your audience’s pain points and solutions for the biggest challenges related to Millennial Talent, Gen Xer Leaders and Boomer Buyers. She delivers a compelling and fun presentation that gives your attendees skills to deal with the daily demands of working in a five-generation workplace.

Her goal is to make you the HERO of your event!

She knows that crafting a home-run conference, event or meeting can be challenging and involves taking risks. You are immediately measured by buzz, laughter, and hallway conversations that last beyond the event.

What People Say

Anna Offers a Comprehensive Approach to Generational Solutions

Leaders and organizations competing for top talent must bridge the generational divide and bring out the best of each generation. Generational CODES™ help leaders understand and optimize how each generation’s unique perspectives, values and approaches impact:

  • leadership dynamics,
  • purchasing habits and
  • decision-making processes.

Generational CODES™ connect the core events and influences that fundamentally shape each generation’s worldview.

What's next?

Contact our office to discuss your engagement and confirm Anna’s availability for your date.
We’d be delighted to put your date on reserve, you can do so with no financial commitment. If another client wants to book Anna for the same date, we will give you a call immediately and give you the chance to confirm the date.
To secure a date on Anna’s calendar, a 50% deposit of her fee is required.
At this point, we will schedule a pre-program interview. Anna will meet with you and others on your team in person or over the telephone. This discussion will help her gain insight regarding your organization, event theme, meeting objectives and industry trends.
Using this information, Anna will prepare a program that is personalized to suit your event.
In advance of the date, we will also confirm the room setup, provide material for your program if needed, and continue to coordinate the details regarding Anna’s travel itinerary, staging, shipping and other logistics.
If this is an out-of-town engagement, Anna will generally arrive the day before her presentation.
Please deliver the balance of Anna’s fee at the event upon completion of the program. Following the engagement, you will receive an invoice for travel expenses incurred, when applicable.

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