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Connecting With All Ages Part 1

Work/Life Balance – How Each Generation Sees It

The Expert View Featuring Anna Liotta

The Single Most Effective CX Improvement

Game Changer: Anna Liotta

Unlocking Generational Codes©

How do side hustles, the gig economy and a Millennial talent mindset impact your bottom-line?

Millennial Office Speak

How to Communicate with Younger Co-Workers

What are you doing that turns off Millennial talent long before they get to day one on the job?

Amazing Business Radio: Anna Liotta

What Makes the Generations Tick and What Ticks Them OFF

Customer service best practices that delight Boomer customers generation, can tick off Gen Xer customers and repel Millennials. How do you customize your customer service training and practices to serve every generation?

The Millennials are Here

CSSP Tele-Conference Featuring Anna Liotta

How do you attract and keep Millennial talent if you’re not in a sexy industry?

Industry Insights Meeting

Featuring Anna Liotta – Inter-generational Expert

Why Millennials come to your event and why they stay away. Discover what attracts Millennial attendees to register for your conference, convention or meeting.

Crack the Customer Code

Featuring Anna Liotta – Inter-generational Expert

Are you losing millions by accidentally repelling Millennial customers? Do you have a customer service strategy that delights Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials equally?

Understanding the Millennial Athlete

Featuring Anna Liotta