The best way to kick off your next event and spread the Generational Savvy™ message is through one of Anna’s powerful presentations. An award-winning speaker, Anna creates an upbeat, fun and engaging space for your entire event.

Anna’s message offers insights and solutions to help participants think differently about the generational dynamics that affect business success today!

“I didn’t think there was much to this generational thing before Anna. Now I can’t imagine what doesn’t have a generational component to it.”
– Lynette Jacobson, VP of HR – Coast Real Estate Services


The Generational InstituteTM video-based learning modules are the perfect addition to your program – they can extend and expand the value and impact of Anna’s presentation for a full year!

How TGITM Works
Your attendees get access to self-paced online learning modules on how to bring Generational Savvy™ to Leading, Selling and/or delivering extraordinary Customer Service. The actionable insights and practical steps Anna shares will elevate your company’s culture, generate results, and increase workplace performance.

Keep your attendees connected to the ideas and excitement of the conference. Give them a year with Anna Liotta!

“I don’t know how she packed so many powerful insights, and ah ha’s into one hour.”
– Sherri Brouwer, Director, Digital Customer Strategy – Avanade


Confidential, insightful and customized leadership consulting on the hot generational issues faced daily by today’s top executives.

Resultance, Inc. consulting is designed for high-level, growth-stage executives, from every generation, in the process of up-leveling their company’s performance.

Executive leaders ready to make a positive change can rely on Anna’s 20+ years of generational and business expertise to help them navigate these difficult waters.

“I have bruises from my colleagues poking me in the ribs and saying ‘That’s you! That’s so you!’”
– Cindy Barsky, Realtor – Waterfront Properties