• “…I was able to take a Buyer I had been struggling with from Contract to Closing…I cannot thank her enough!”

    - Cindy Barsky, Realtor – Waterfront Properties
  • “I don’t know how she packed so many powerful insights,
    and ah ha’s into one hour.”

    - Sherri Brouwer, Director, Digital Customer Strategy - Avanade
  • “WOW! Anna’s keynote gave us a clear understanding of the Generational CODES™…Our new awareness is kind of like having a Super Power.”

    - Eddie Pate, Director Inclusion & Diversity for WWOPs - Amazon
  • “The topic of generations is impacting both the workforce and the way companies build products.  Anna has a thoughtful perspective on both.”

    - LaSean Smith, Senior Director of Strategy - Microsoft
  • “Anna’s Generational CODES™ work has been transformational for me and has benefited my organization a great deal!”

    - Ian James, CEO – Retail Tribe
  • “I have bruises from my colleagues poking me in the ribs and saying ‘That’s you! That’s so you.’ The message was relevant and insightful.”

    - Cindy Barsky, Waterfront Properties
  • “I didn’t think there was much to this generational thing before Anna. Now I can’t imagine what doesn’t have a generational component to it.”

    - Lynette Jacobsen, VP, HR – Coast Real Estate Services
  • “My only regret is that my entire team wasn’t there to hear Anna. The message was packed with tons of generational solutions.”

    - Casey Voorhees, Executive Director – Western Building Material Association

Finally, a Generational Speaker Who’s Lived the Solutions She Teaches

She’s done the research

Anna Liotta has studied generational dynamics for 25+ years. Plus, she literally wrote the book on generational CODES™.


She’s lived the research

Anna Liotta is one of 19 children. Her entire life has been a Ph.D. in generational dynamics.


She delivers the results

That’s why Fortune 500 hundred companies keep bringing Anna Liotta back.


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Generational speaker and expert, Anna Liotta, takes readers on the journey of how each generation thinks, behaves, and engages.

Anna shares the key to understanding the people around you—young and old and in between.

Whether you’re a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, Millennial, or Gen Z, Unlocking Generational CODESTM will change how you perceive others and enhance your relationships with everyone you know.

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