The Generationally Savvy Blog

  • What it means to be a digital native for Millennials

    As the workforce is flooded with Millennials, it’s important to understand what it means Read More
  • Do you say “Thank God it’s Monday!” ?

    No matter which generation you are in, you probably think the generation that comes Read More
  • Generation X Millennials

    The first question we need to ask ourselves is: Why is a company referred to as "The Best Company to Work For"? What do they do to make their employees happy? First and foremost they are truly interested in happy employees; trying to understand what makes the happy. Two things are evident: The business environment is changing Whether or not employees are happy definitely impacts the bottom line. Read More
  • Baby Boomers

    The Baby Boomers, 80 million strong, created a cultural wave in purchasing never experienced before. From the time Boomers entered adolescence to now as they begin to enter "retirement age" the sheer numbers of people in this generation has dramatically impacted the market. Boomers' purchasing power is at an all time high. Read More

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