Are You Engaging Employees or Sending Them Away?

Generational workplace business

When we communicate, lead and sell across multiple generations it requires toggling between Traditionalists, Boomer, Xer, Millennial and Gen Z / Globals Generational CODES™.

This month’s newsletter is written in the Gen Xer, cut to the chase/bottom-line Generational CODE™
with bullet-point highlights and time codes for key elements. 

Generational CODE™ Communication Tip:

Gen Xers often still manage their lives from their email inbox. (Yep, this is embarrassing for them to admit.) So… Gen Xer’s motto of communication – Be Brief, Be Blunt, Be Brilliant – Be DONE (Tweetable)

To be effective in getting a Gen Xer to read your emails: 

  1. Create a vivid and descriptive subject line. (NO vague subject lines i.e. “Touching base”, “Just Saying Hello”, or “Following Up.”
  2. Use bullet-points that help them scan the message quickly to find the critical points.
  3. Tell them:
    • Why you are sending the email, 
    • What you want from them, and 
    • By when you want them to take action.


Recently my colleague invited me onto his podcast (E2E Show with Ken Grant) to share how to create employee engagement across the generations. The interview got raves from leaders like you, so I thought you’d find it valuable too.


Take a listen just to the section that most appeals to you (or the whole podcast) to discover what engages and keeps top talent from each generation.

  • What makes each generation Tick and What Ticks them OFF – 9:45
    • Traditionalists – 9:58
    • Baby Boomers – 10:35
    • Gen Xers – 11:23
    • Millennials (Gen Y) – 12:30
    • Globals (Gen Z) – 13:22
  • How each generation defines RESPECT  – 17:00
  • Why it’s costing you money to say you don’t care about generations27:25
  • How to get talent in their Brilliance Zone28:47
  • The most frustrating part of leading the generations – 33:10

By When 

This week, share below what Ah Ha’s and insights you had about engaging across the generations and we’ll curate and share them in the next newsletter. 🙂

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