5 Basics You Need to Know About Gen Z / Globals

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First, Gen Z / Globals by the Numbers: 

  • They were born between 1996 – 2016. Depending on who you talk to historian, social scientist or advertising professional, you might see their birth years starting a bit later or earlier. (Advertising professionals like to thin slice generations to make them easier to target.)
  • There are approximately 63 Million Gen Z / Globals in the US, according to Pew Research.
  • According to Forbes, they are already on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020.
  • Currently, they account for $29 to $143 billion in direct spending, according to Forbes.

Why did I coin them the “Globals?” Click on the image below to find out why and continue reading the 10 things leaders need to know about Gen Z / Globals in the workplace.


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